10 things to do in Granada when studying Spanish with Escuela Delengua

Granada is a city so jam packed with things to do that sometimes it can feel overwhelming! When learning Spanish in Spain with Escuela Delengua we offer daily activities to try and help you to make the most out of your stay. Here are my top 10 things to do in Granada in addition to your Spanish course…

1. Visit the Sierra Nevada: The impressive white peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountain range are not just for skiing! They are also home to the charming whitewashed villages and farmlands of the Alpujarras. A step back into the rural past of Spain, there you can sample delicious Spanish hams, creamy cheeses and salty olives whilst admiring the picturesque views over the clay roofs of the house onto the slopes below. It is also a great spot for any enthusiastic hikers, as it offers a wide array of terrains and a unique mini-ecology.

2. The Costa Tropical: If the mountains just aren´t for you, you could always join us on our trips to the Costa Tropical! It is one of the most varied coastlines in Spain, ranging from rugged cliffs to sandy coves and beaches. On a sunny day, it can´t be beaten! One thing not to miss is the Balcon de Europa found in Nerja, which offers panoramic views across the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean. Soak up the sun, enjoy the food and take pleasure in towns and cities that still have a certain Spanish charm, in comparison to some of the more touristic cities on the Costa del Sol.

Beach at Nerja

Beach at Nerja

3. The Alhambra: If you only visit one place in Granada it has to be the Alhambra. An UNESCO world heritage site, it is truly an icon of Granada. Along with the adjoining gardens of the Generalife, the Alhambra offers exquisite views over the city and Sierra Nevada, as well as beautiful Arabic architecture and decoration such as ceramics and plasterwork. Preserved by the Reyes Católicos, they also added to it, such as the Palacio de Carlos V creating an interesting and varied experience. The school organises trips every few weeks, but you can also buy tickets online, at the various Librería de la Alhambra shops, at the Caixca ATM on Gran Vía and of course at the Alhambra itself. Just be sure to book ahead of time!

4. Religious Monuments: Besides the Alhambra, Granada is home to a wealth of culture and history. Just a couple of minutes from the school you will find yourself at the stunning Granada cathedral and the Capilla Real, the final resting place of the Reyes Católicos. Granada is also home to numerous monasteries, such as the Monasterio de San Jerónimo, some 12 minutes walk from Delengua. And if you really feel like a good walk (granted, there is also a bus), why not explore up to the Sacromonte Abbey?

Granada Cathedral

5. Tapas: Obviously when in Granada you have to do as the Granadinos do and ‘tapear’. When tapas come free with every drink, you´ll find that you decide you can´t be bothered to cook most nights! If you want to find out more about our tapas nights, take a look at our last post: Learn Spanish through Tapas Nights with our Spanish School.

6. Flamenco: Another thing Granada is famous for is flamenco. Once you arrive here you´ll find that there are many different places offering live flamenco shows- but don´t fret! Every few weeks the school goes to the Alborea. Why not come with us?

7. Carmen de los Mártires: A somewhat overlooked beauty of Granada, the gardens of the Carmen de los Mátires are the perfect place for a sunny afternoon stroll (and its free to visit!). Including Arabic, Roman and Romantic styles, the enchanting gardens feel like a walk through time.

Carmen de los Mártires

Carmen de los Mártires

8. Miradores: When visiting Granada you have to take advantage of the miradores or viewpoints. Night or day the views of the city are unbeatable! Wander around the barrio Albayzín for the best spots and make sure you visit the Mirador de San Nicolas for an unrivalled view of the Alhambra.

9. El Parque de las Ciencias: If the old isn´t your thing, why not try the Parque de las Ciencias? They offer exciting exhibitions every day, branching from science to history to astronomy.

10. Arabic Baths: Mix the old and the new, starting with a trip to the historic Bañuelos (free to explore) to see one of the best preserved Arabic bathhouse in Spain. Afterwards visit the more modern Arabic baths for a massage, a soak in the hot and cold pools, a trip to the sauna and lots of sweet Arabic tea! And why not visit one of the Albayzín teterías to finish off your day?

If you’d like to try out some of these suggestions with us, take at look at the activities we are offering this week. And make sure to keep up to date with events at the school on Facebook and Twitter!

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