Benefits of learning Spanish in Granada during spring

Spring: the season where the flowers start to blossom again, the climate becomes warmer and summer is just around the corner. In Granada, spring is the ideal time to come to learn Spanish at the Escuela Delengua. The weather is ideal and the city celebrates various festivities during the spring months. We encourage our students to get involved as much as possible with the traditions and celebrations in Granada, especially after taking our Spanish course.

One of the celebrations held during spring is called “Fiesta de las Cruces” or known as “Festival of the Crosses” in English. It takes place on the 3rd of May every year and is one of the prettiest festivals due to all the colours. All throughout Granada, people will decorate the squares with flowers and there is a competition for who has the most beautifully decorated cross. Each year, as part of our daily activities, we take our students after they have finished learning Spanish in the mornings, to experience this wonderful and happy festival.

If you are a lover of nature, you will not be disappointed with spring in Granada! Winter does not last very long here, and so trees and flowers begin to blossom very quickly, making Granada a beautiful city to spend the spring months. What is more, the Sierra Nevada, less than an hour away from the city of Granada, changes from its frosty snowy skiing slopes to beautiful lush green hills, perfect for those adventurous ones of you who love walking and hiking! Due to our intensive Spanish course taking place typically in the mornings, this enables you to have a lot of free time and flexibility to enjoy the city and surrounding areas where you can practise your Spanish and really get to know Granada inside-out. And what better way than spending the lovely sunny afternoons practising ordering coffee in Spanish or ordering Tapas in one of the many delicious tapas bars Granada has to offer? Or simply meeting up with other fellow students for a language exchange, after spending the mornings taking one of our Spanish courses? Our students are all here for the same reason: to learn Spanish at Delengua… so why not make it an enjoyable and unforgettable experience?

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