Nightlife whilst learning Spanish in Granada, Spain

So you´ve booked your Spanish course with Escuela Delengua and now you´re impatiently awaiting all the things you’ll experience in Granada outside of class, like where you´ll go with your new friends from the language school.

First things first: when it comes to nightlife, Spanish time is very different to what you can expect in other countries like the US or European countries like the UK, Germany, Holland and Russia. It can be quite a culture shock when you realise that many clubs won’t fill up until around 3am! Nonetheless, once you get into the rhythm of it, there is something for everyone.

Most nights begin at around 9pm with tapas, as a lot of kitchens don´t reopen until 8pm. There are many tapas bars located less than a minute from the language school on and around Calle Elvira, such as Rivieria which offers large portions to get you ready for your night out.

Next on the agenda is a trip to one of the many bars in the city. Don´t worry if you don´t know where to go when you first arrive in Spain to learn Spanish: one of the activities with our language school in Granada is a drinks night, where a teacher will show you round some of the best places to have a few beers or the popular “gintonics”. This activity is also a great opportunity to get to know your classmates and to speak Spanish outside of classes, which may seem daunting at first!

Students go out for drinks with the school

Students go out for drinks with the school


In terms of bars, there are many charming wine bars in Granada such as La Tana. Or you could also try the nearby Bronx Speakeasy if you prefer a more modern ambience. If you’re craving a mojito then look no further than Casa Cubana, a couple of minutes walk from Escuela Delengua, which has a great range of cocktails at a student friendly price! An area also popular with students learning Spanish in Granada is Calle Pedro Antonio de Alarcon. There you will find a variety of bars, many promoting a gimmick such as the changing drink prices at Wall Street or a vast menu of chupitos (shots) at Chupitería 69.

For those interested in experiencing Spanish and Latin American culture, there are a number of options in Granada to cater for this. Every few weeks our Spanish school organises Flamenco nights, where students can watch live Flamenco singing, dancing and guitar. There are also a few bars in Granada, such as Barrio Latino, which put on Salsa night! It provides the perfect opportunity to get together with new friends and learn a few moves.

Salsa Night

Salsa Night


Next we move on to the final stop of the night: clubs. In this respect, Granada has a little of everything. At Booga you can enjoy live music throughout the week, showcasing established reggae, blues and jazz bands alongside new groups from the area. With a more laid back vibe, Booga is perfect for students of all ages learning Spanish in Granada. For those looking for clubs favoured by the university students, Mae West, Vogue and Camborio are the go to choices. Camborio is always a good option at weekends, playing a mixture of chart toppers from the US, as well as cheesy Spanish pop with simple lyrics- a great way to improve your Spanish.  It also boasts a beautiful terrace with stunning views over the illuminated Alhambra.

Students enjoying the nightlife in Granada!

Students enjoying the nightlife in Granada!


A great thing about Granada is the abundance of late night food, especially on Calle Elvira, next to Escuela Delengua. A tortilla (Spanish omelette) sandwich is the perfect way to end your night and get ready for your next day of classes!

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