A taste of the activities we offer alongside our Spanish courses here at Delengua in Granada, Spain

Studying Spanish is not just about the language, it’s also about learning to understand the culture and the customs that you will come across in day to day life whilst spending any time in Spain. Every day we take part in activities with Escuela Delengua whether it be tapas, flamenco shows, trips to the coast or a tour of the Alhambra!

Here is a taste of what we get up to each week!:



Delicious food in Los Diamantes

In Granada, tapas are free with your drink! To take advantage of this, every Monday night, Delengua students get together and head out for a bite to eat!

This is a great way to get to know other Spanish course students and to practice your conversational skills! On average, we go to around 3 tapas bars, giving us the chance to taste different delicacies here in Granada!


La Alhambra


One of the many views from La Alhambra!

You cannot visit Granada without visiting La Alhambra! At Escuela Delengua you will have the chance to visit La Alhambra with your classmates, accompanied by one of the teachers, who will give a mini guided tour as you make your way through the Generalife gardens and palaces! La Alhambra is truly stunning and cannot be missed!


Flamenco is a very prominent part of the Andalusian history and culture and in Granada, it can be found on street corners, in bars, La Alhambra…There are lots of flamenco bars dotted around the city and we always ensure that we pay them a visit! Wherever you go, the music and the feel is slightly different so there is plenty to discover.

International food

At Delengua there are students from all backgrounds and all corners of the world. One of the activities that we offer takes place on the sunny terrace on the roof of the school, where everyone brings a traditional dish from their country for the students to taste! Delicious! This gives us the chance to learn about other cultures, countries and traditions. If you love travel and food, this is the activity for you!

Mirador San Miguel Alto


Stunning views from Mirador San Miguel Alto, the highest point in Granada!

One of the activities that we offer is a trip all the way up to Mirador San Miguel Alto, the highest viewpoint in Granada, in order to see some incredible views. San Miguel Alto sits at the top of the Albaycín with a maze of steep, windy paths that gradually climb up and up. Once at the top, you can see the whole of Granada and the Sierra Nevada mountains. How picturesque!



Explore other cities

During the weekends at Delengua, there is also the opportunity to travel to other cities such as Seville and Córdoba for the day. This is a fantastic day out and you can explore the historical centres, monuments, sights and get a feel for the culture!

You will never be short of things to do in Granada, and taking an intensive Spanish course at Escuela Delengua is the perfect opportunity to see beautiful sights, get to know fellow students from all over the world, and completely immerse yourself into the Spanish way of life. And above all, you will develop your Spanish at the same time.

It almost sounds too good to be true!

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