Going for tapas in Calle Elvira, Granada

Calle Elvira is one of the main streets in Granada and it is only 2 minutes away from Escuela Delengua. There are many tapas bars along this road and whenever you are hungry or thirsty you only have to  go to this street where you will find a great selection of good food and drink. Going to bars and eating tapas is one of my favourite things to do here in Granada. Going for tapas is a typically Spanish affair; you can go for tapas in any city in Spain but you have to pay for them, not like here in Granada, where you get them for free!! You only have to pay for your drinks. Ask the waiter for a drink, like a beer or tinto de verano (red wine and lemonade) and he will bring you free tapas with your drink. There are some bars where you can choose your tapas or in other bars you will be given a different one with each round of drinks. Every time you order a drink you are also given something to eat. There are sandwiches, vegetables and rice, bread and chorizo, fried squid, olives, cheese and many more, everyday there is something different to choose.You don’t have to go to expensive restaurants when you feel hungry because with some tapas you have already eaten. Apart from Spanish courses in Granada, Escuela Delengua also offers afternoon activities like going to some of the most famous tapas bars like: La Tortuga (The Turtle), La Bella y La Bestia (Beauty and The Beast), and El Espejo (The Mirror) and many, many more!


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  1. admin


    Si tienes sed y hambre al mismo tiempo, no pienses más, ve a Calle Elvira en Granada, situada solamente a 2 minutos de la Escuela Delengua, y elige uno de los bares de Tapas!! Hay muchos bares de tapas aquí y cuando tengas hambre o sed sólo tienes que ir a esta calle donde encontrarás una gran variedad de comida y bebida. Ir de bares para tomar tapas es una de las cosas que más me gusta de Granada. Tapear es algo muy típico en España y se puede ir de tapas en todas las ciudades, pero lo que es especial de ir de tapas en Granada es que aquí las tapas son gratis. Sólo hay que pagar las bebidas.

    Le pides al camarero una cerveza o un tinto de verano para refrescarte y recibes las tapas gratuitas. Hay lugares donde tú puedes elegir la tapa y en otros te traen algo diferente con cada copa. Pero puedes pedir cualquier bebida y siempre te dan algo de comer también. Hay bocadillos, verduras con arroz, pan con chorizo, calamares fritos, aceitunas, queso y cada día algo diferente.No tienes que ir a un restaurante caro si tienes hambre, porque con un par de tapas ya has comido, disfrutando del pasatiempo preferido de los españoles.

    Aparte de los cursos de español en Granada, la Escuela Delengua también ofrece actividades extraescolares como ir de bares que son famosos por sus tapas, como por ejemplo La Tortuga, La Bella y La Bestia, el Espejo y muuuchos más.

  2. Raphael Santiago

    In this guide I am going to assume that you know nothing. A tapa is a small portion of food which you receive when you by a drink. To give the customers tapas is a universal Spanish custom throughout Spain. In some cities such as Granada, Leon etc the tapas are free. They can vary from just a few nuts or a small dish of olives to almost a mini meal in itself. One of the greatest pleasures of being in Spain is to go out with your friends for tapas. It represents a very healthy way of drinking because as you drink you eat. It is normal to only stay in each tapas bar for one or two drinks so you may visit a whole series of bars during an evening. In some tapas bars you can choose which tapa to have whereas in other bars they have a set list of tapas which you get according to which round of tapas you are on. For example in the Arco Iris tapa number 10 is crabs legs.

  3. admin

    Hi Raphael,

    Thanks for your contribution, however may I just ask, what did you find in the article to be inaccurate?

  4. You are going to visit the Spanish city Granada for vacation and looking for the best tapa bars with the tastiest and the biggest tapas? Then you are right here.

  5. If you get here more than a minute after opening time, you will be trampled under foot by locals in their rush to get to the bar of this tiny white tiled cafe. It may look like a greasy spoon from the outside, but it’s always rammed, and with good reason. Seafood, sherry-soaked clams, tempura aubergine and fried bacalao (salt cod) are the tapas on offer here. As they state on the menu, tapas are a gift of the house, which you cannot choose or send back. And who is going to argue with that?

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