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As the Director of Escuela Delengua, I want to welcome you to this meeting point for Spanish in Spain, the Spanish speaking world and Spanish in Granada and Andalusia.
We have been teaching Spanish in Granada for more than 10 years. We found our passion for the Spanish language, for teaching and for Granada many years ago. Through this Blog, we hope that you will find the same love for this beautiful language. This Blog opens the door of our Spanish school, in the centre of Granada, to all your texts and pictures from all over the world. Our idea is that this Blog will improve the practice of Spanish and provide a reference for all your advice, help and comments. Please feel free to add anything you think is relevant.

Kind Regards

Manolo F. Doménech

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2 responses to About us

  1. Pilar

    Buenos Dias, queria saber si tienen cursos de español para el mes de mayo, durante cuatro semanas. Gracias, Pilar
    Es para unos amigos.

  2. Hola Pilar, claro que sí. Puedes encontrar toda la información sobre nuestros cursos en http://www.delengua.es

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